Certis’ head office in Brisbane now purchases 100% GreenPower. This reduces our carbon footprint and helps support Australia’s renewable energy industry. It is a small step towards a low carbon economy, but a significant one. In September 2016, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency announced 12 solar projects around the country which will power 150,000 average Australian homes. Though more than 85% of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels, we cannot underestimate the power of new clean technologies to create disruptive changes.

As a building certification and sustainability company, Certis is in a unique position to understand the environmental opportunities and risks facing the building industry. Clients seek our advice on the national construction code, state and council legislation, and sustainability is moving fast up the local councils’ agendas. Certis is accredited to certify Green Star projects and among all the sustainability initiatives in the rating rool, a 100% GreenPower procurement contract is one of them.

GreenPower is one of the simplest ways to make a difference, as a business. For our Brisbane office, the whole switch to GreenPower took less than half an hour. Just email your electricity supplier and ask them to include GreenPower. Once confirmed, have a recent electricity bill handy and go on the www.greenpower.gov.au website to apply for the GreenPower Business logo, which is sent within a few days.